Family Walking In The ParkWhat qualities should a foster-adoptive parent possess? 

This is not babysitting. It’s parenting. You need to be “CHILD”-centered:

Courage: It’ll be life-changing and enriching.
Humility: You will learn and grow.
Income stability: You should be financially secure.
Loving: Obviously.
Determination: Fight for our children.


What will I gain?

  • The legacy of a life loved
  • Self-growth as an individual or as a family
  • Seeing a child’s life be transformed
  • Satisfaction of knowing you are playing a key role in restoring a lost childhood
  • The respect and admiration of your community

What support will I get?

  • Training
  • An advocate beside you through every step of the process
  • Wrap around programs and resources as needed
  • Respite care / babysitting
  • Support group

Girls on cell phones.What are the children like?

  • Anxious to be loved
  • Want to belong
  • Need to know their self-worth
  • Looking to be affirmed and valued
  • Have goals and dreams
  • Need you to believe in them


Where are the greatest needs?

Families/Individuals that desire to help:Happy family of five together at home

  • Teenagers
  • Kids who were sexual abused and/or trafficked
  • Intensive cases

What are the different levels of commitment?

  • Concurrent Planning
  • Adoption Only
  • Respite Care (like babysitting)
  • Foster Care Only

What is concurrent planning?

It tells our children that they will no longer be tossed around in the system. In concurrent planning, foster parents are willing to work toward reunification with the biological family to the extent possible and are willing to adopt if reunification is not possible.

Why is concurrent planning great?
It focuses on what is best for the child. Security for a child is so important. Ideally the child returns to the biological family in a safe environment. If not, then they know that they have a permanent family with you.

What is the process to sign up?

  • Call or email CASRE
  • Complete Interest Intake Form over phone
  • Schedule an appointment for next available orientation
  • Attend CASRE Specialized Academy Training (Still in development)
  • Start process of the County or an Agency
  • A month long process from start to finish with CASRE
  • 120 day process to be licensed with State of California

 Our children need a loving and stable home!

 Please DO NOT sign up if you are…

  • Dependent on the stipend to make ends-meet
  • Unable to dedicate sufficient time, love, and patience to our children and teens