The mission of CAS Research and Education (CASRE) is to protect children, women, and men from being victimized through human trafficking and exploitation.


CAS Research and Education is a human rights organization and the 501(c)(3) charitable affiliate of California Against Slavery (CAS). CASRE will engage in charitable and educational projects to combat the atrocity of human trafficking in our state and nation.

In November 2012, Californian voters passed Proposition 35, the Californians Against Sexual Exploitation Act. A joint effort of California Against Slavery and the Safer California Foundation, the CASE Act passed with over 81.3 percent approval. It is the most popular ballot initiative in California election history and the first initiative to pass with over 80 percent of the vote. With more than 10 million votes, it also represents the most votes cast in support of an initiative in California history.

Much remains to be done to abolish modern slavery. CASRE builds on the awareness and momentum created by the historic victory of Prop 35. Our effort is focused on specific areas where gaps exist and where we believe that we as an organization can have the most impact and add the most value.

Please visit California Against Slavery to learn more about its on-going effort to improve policies and laws to ensure justice and protection for trafficking victims.  California Against Slavery is also a platform for survivors of human trafficking to share their stories. Watch survivors  tell their stories.


Existing relationships with other organizations and leaders, the collective skills of our team, and expertise in the field of human trafficking uniquely position CASRE to fulfill its mission.

Currently, CASRE is focused on:

1) Implementation of Prop 35 (CASE Act)*: Ensure Prop 35 implementation state-wide.

2) Research into current foster care best practices to create a stronger system that works to nurture and protect those in its care.

*Note: All provisions of Prop 35 are in effect except for the requirement for sex offenders to register their online accounts. We are appealing the US District Court’s temporary injunction on this one provision. We believe that protecting the rights of the innocent and vulnerable from exploiters is a basic tenet of our society. Sex offenders who have a history of violating the rights and dignity of other people should not have complete anonymity online or offline.  Read status of the lawsuit.


The CASRE team represents a mix of educational experience and professional expertise, and consists of individuals who share a relentless personal commitment to stopping the atrocity of modern slavery. This team, which consists of volunteers and staff, has been and will continue to be crucial to the success of CASRE.


guy trilogix Guy Fessenden, Executive Director (Interim)

Guy is a dedicated father of three adult children who is devoting his life to supporting those people in our society who are most vulnerable and underserved. Following the diagnosis of his teenage daughter in 1999 with schizophrenia Guy became active in lending his voice to addressing the stigma of mental illness, culminating in a cross-country run to speak on behalf of those with mental illness. He has also served as Executive Director of a large not-for-profit agency that supports individuals with significant disabilities. Guy is active on a variety of Board of Director’s with strong focus on providing innovative housing for the homeless and family supports when a family member enters crisis. Prior to 1999 Guy spent his career of as the founder and CEO of DIS Research, a leading technology innovator serving Wall Street.



Daphne PhungDaphne Phung, Board Chair, Founder

Daphne loves children and is angered by injustice. After watching Dateline’s “Sex Slaves in America,”  she was devastated to learn of the continuing injustice that trafficked victims face in the U.S. judicial system. After grappling with how a just God and a nation that is a global symbol of freedom could let this happen here, she felt God calling her to change the status quo. She founded California Against Slavery in 2009 to organize citizens like herself to fulfill our duty to end human trafficking in our own backyard.

In 2014, Daphne became a foster parent. Her foster child has since been successfully reunited with his biological family, and doing very well! She got firsthand experience into the foster system and its shortcomings. It reaffirmed her belief that healthy foster-adoptive parents are the most effective advocates and protectors for our kids.

Daphne was a co-proponent of the CASE Act or Proposition 35, a historic California ballot initiative passed by voters in 2012 to stop human trafficking and sexual exploitation. She has a BA from Reed College and an MBA from Mills College. She volunteers for CASRE and CAS.  Daphne has over 15 years of work experience in finance and accounting.


LeahLeah Albright-Byrd, Board Member, Board Treasurer, Founding Member

Leah is a known speaker, leader, and survivor-activist in the fight against child sex-trafficking. Over the last 11 years, she has served her community as a mental health counselor, youth leader, women’s empowerment mentor, and motivational speaker. Leah also founded Bridget’s Dream in 2011 to fight sex-trafficking in memory of a close friend, also a victim of child sex trafficking  who was murdered in Las Vegas.

With a family life marked by abuse and addiction, Leah dropped out of school at the age of 14, ran away and fell into the hands of a sex trafficker. At the age of 18, she refused to allow her pain to determine her destiny. She completed her GED and went on to earn her B.S. in Psychology and Theology from William Jessup University. She also holds a Coaching certification from Western Seminary. In 2012 she co-signed the ballot argument for California’s record-breaking Proposition 35 and became a strong voice for its passage.

Leah is on a mission to restore hope and inspiration in the lives of others; compelling them to take a strong stand for justice. Her message is one of enduring faith, a hope that does not disappoint, and most of all a LOVE that never fails.


Ginger Shaw, Board Member

Ginger Shaw has been involved in leadership in business, ministry, civic and non-profit organizations, and finds the challenges invigorating and life-changing. Through these experiences she has come to find her greatest strength as leader is through applying Biblical principles, and her joy is to equip and encourage others to discover and express their own leadership styles.

An energetic and engaging speaker, Ginger believes learning should be engaging and fun, and incorporates humor, learning games, and lively discussion into her workshops. A communications and leadership trainer, she has served on several non-profit boards and in many ministry roles, including Women’s Ministry director, Bible study teacher, and retreat coordinator and speaker.

As founder and director of FreeThem Road, anti-human trafficking advocacy, awareness and training, Ginger helps in building a network of anti-HT advocates, lobbying for stronger legislation, supporting survivor-service organizations… moving people from compassion to action.




Dave Shaw, Finance Advisor
Dave Shaw retired in 2008 as Vice President, Global Sourcing of Goodrich Corporation. He worked for 36 years in the aerospace industry in finance, manufacturing, systems, supply chain, and general management for Goodrich, Rohr Industries, and Lockheed. Dave has a BS in Economics from California State University, Northridge and an MBA from the University of Southern California.  He enjoys volunteering, golfing, and family. Dave volunteers his expertise as the finance advisor and bookkeeper for CASRE. Together with wife, Ginger, they have 3 children and 3 grandchildren.