Our Children



Mother and Daughter

Studies show that one of the most important factors in a child’s development is the support of a parent or caregiver who gives consistent love and support.


Our vision is that every child removed will have a healthy family waiting to love them – whether it’s for a day, a month, a year…or forever.  And children with sexual trauma will get services and families to help them heal.

Childhood. Our childhood – whether good or bad – impacts so much of our lives as adults: our thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, career and environment. CASRE launched an effort to recruit healthy families to restore childhood for foster children and orphans in our cities and communities. Our new campaign is “Restoring the Value of Childhood. One Family at a Time.”



Why focus on Foster Care Placement?

With half of children trafficked for sex in the State coming from within our foster care system, we find it difficult to talk about prevention without looking at this strong connection.

Despite the fact that less than 1% of our children are in foster care and over $4 billion is spent on California’s child welfare annually, the outcomes of foster care children are quite dismal.

    • Many end up involved in criminal activities. Conservatively, 14% of inmates in our adult prisons surveyed were once foster care children.
    • Many become homeless with substance addiction as adults.
    • They are prime targets for sex traffickers/pimps.

The current system is behavior-driven. Thus foster children are commonly over-medicated and mis-diagnosed. They are 9x more likely to be given psychotropic drugs than other children on Medicaid! There are many reports that indicate that most of these children just needed and wanted someone to pay attention to them and love them unconditionally.

And when we look at the tactics sex traffickers use to lure these children into the sex trade, it’s the same. Sex traffickers (pimps) use familial terms like “daddy” and “wifey” to create a perverted version of a family unit. These children hunger for a family – and will take it where they can find it. Unfortunately, sex traffickers know this too.

CASRE desires to restore the value and beauty of childhood for our children in foster care by giving them what they need – healthy families.


Our goal is two-fold:

A) Promote trauma-informed placements for sexually abused/exploited children.

    • This will aide in PREVENTION of human trafficking as a vast majority of the victims had a history of sex abuse in early childhood. Because their abuse was never dealt with at age 5 or 6, they ended up being trafficked at age 12. In addition, dealing with sex abuse at an early age will also prevent pedophilia and the vicious cycle of abuse.
    • This will also help in INTERVENTION of human trafficking. Survivors who are rescued and/or have gone through a recovery program still need a family. If they have nothing to go back to, it is more likely that they will end up being victimized again. In the end, they are looking for family – a place to belong with people who will love them unconditionally.

B) Encourage system reform to create better outcomes for children and youth within the foster care system. As well as implement better safety measures to ensure that no child is exploited or abused.

Every child needs a healthy family. We owe it to our children.

Young Girl (8-10) Blowing Bubbles and Young Boy (10-14) on Inflatable Bouncing Ball