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Prop 35 is LAW!

Proposition 35 is law in California!  And it is already being used to prosecute traffickers. CASRE is working to ensure its full and successful implementation in our state. Prop 35 (Californians Against Sexual Exploitation (CASE) Act) made critical enhancements to our state laws to combat human trafficking and exploitation:

  1. Higher prison terms for human traffickers, to hold these criminals accountable.
  2. Require convicted human traffickers to register as sex offenders, to prevent future crimes.
  3. Require all registered sex offenders to disclose their internet accounts, to stop predators online.*
  4. Increase fines for convicted human traffickers and use these funds to pay for survivor’ services, which will help repair their lives.
  5. Mandate human trafficking training for law enforcement.
  6. Protect victims in court proceedings.
  7. Remove the need to prove force to prosecute child sex traffickers.

Read the Prop 35 initiative language.

History of Prop 35

In November 2012, voters passed Proposition 35 (the CASE Act) with over 81% approval, making it the most popular initiative since Californians began the process in 1914.  It is also the first initiative to pass with over 80% of the vote and the first to obtain more than 10 million votes of support. See the election results by county.

Prop 35 was sponsored by California Against Slavery (CAS) and the Safer California Foundation, an organization dedicated to support efforts to protect Californians from all forms of criminal exploitation.

Prop 35 garnered a long list of endorsers and supporters including organizations representing over 90,000 rank and file California Peace Officers, advocates for the protection of children, including Marc Klaas and the KlaasKids Foundation, and survivors of human trafficking.

All provisions of Prop 35 are now law in California except for the requirement for sex offenders to register their online accounts, which is pending a lawsuit. CASRE is providing legal support for this.

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