Prop 35 Training

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Mandated Law Enforcement Training

post dvd

This new DVD that meets the mandates of Proposition 35 will be in the hands of every law enforcement agency in the POST program by June 15th.

Proposition 35 (the Californians Against Sexual Exploitation (CASE) Act) mandates that California’s peace officers have at least two hours of training on human trafficking (PEN. CODE § 13519.14(e)). In response, the Commission on Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) has released a new “Human Trafficking: Identify and Respond” training DVD.

WHAT: A 12-member committee – comprised of district attorneys, local and federal peace officers, service providers, activists and human trafficking survivors – worked hard to create a video that meets the Prop 35 mandate and is relevant to patrol officers, the majority of officers.

HOW:The video is divided into 15-20 minute segments that can be facilitated during roll call over a period of time. While it can be viewed in one setting, we highly recommended that it be done in segments during roll call to foster more dialogue. An “Instructor Guide” is included on the DVD for printout from a computer. This provides easy-to-follow steps for group facilitation by the instructors.

This video is not available to stream online.

WHEN: This DVD has been released! Please contact POST if your training coordinator hasn’t gotten them by June 15, 2014.

WHO: The training is required for all field and investigative peace officers. This training is intended for certified peace officers only.  All other organizations or individuals can refer to our recommended trainers below to organize their own course.

ORDER: POST-certified agencies will receive their standard number of copies at the end of May. To order more copies, simply log into the POST Course Catalog. If you are not a POST agency, please call POST directly for copies at (916) 227-3909.


While the POST DVD provides essential information for officers, we encourage more in-depth, specialized training for your officers who handle human trafficking cases. Below is a list of our recommended trainers that you may contact for additional training.

Nola Brantley
Post Certified: No
Length of training: 2 hours
Best suited for: Patrol officers, CSEC Investigators, Supervisors

Justified Training
Contact: Chappie Hunter
(619) 787-3818
Post Certified: Trainings can be POST certified if needed, but must be requested.
Length of training: 2 hours – 8 hours
Best suited for: Police Officers, Non-Profits

Runaway Girl, FPC
Carissa Phelps
Post Certified: Yes
Length of training: 1-2 Days
Best suited for: Police Officers, Investigators, First Responders, Medical Personnel, Non-Profits