3 thoughts on “Kevin's Speech

  1. I am touched by this young man’s letter. I was a foster parent for 8 years before the system burned me out. Now I work with foster youth and it’s the most rewarding experience of my life. The number one thing missing in most of these kids’ lives is parental love, and it is the one thing the system is most afraid of. A truly sad juxtaposition. God bless all the children in out of home care, especially those in group homes.

  2. Thank you Stanley Graham for taking the time to read Kevin’s letter. I spent many a nights wondering why I couldn’t have been his mother? Why his adopted mother abandoned him in another state? Why the adults in his life(county workers) did not work in the best interest of him? BUT! I cannot stay in that mindset. I volunteer for Bridge-Network in Sac Co w/in Juvenile Hall and launched a Bridge-Pal program to stay connected with Kevin and for others to connect with our incarcerated youth. Email Peggy Fava Executive Director of Bridge Network for more info: info@bridge-network.org

    My goal is to adopt Keving upon release from jail. His biological name brought him pain and abuse. His adopted name became a story of tragedy. His NEW adopted name will give him renewed hope!

    Our kids need homes, love and hope for their future.


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